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Online Account Management

We currently have two types of control panels. There is the main account holder control panel that gives customers the ability to review all orders and payments as well as access to their subscriptions. From there, it is easy to customize service subscriptions, add and remove features, and print out copies of their bills. The account control panel also has access to directly manipulate web hosting accounts, email addresses, and more. But then should the account holder delegate someone as a domain administrator, then the other domain administration control panel can be handed over to an administrator, but keep the accounting information separate and safe.

The domain administrator has full control over web and mail hosting accounts. It is very simple to add, change and remove email accounts, as well as set up autoresponders to automatically send back messages to senders about vacation, sick leave or other times when you just want to send back messages that you are out. There are also email aliases for people that not only have a regular “people” account, but are placed in roles such as sales or webmaster. You can also create mail groups, which is just an email address that gets distributed to multiple people in an organization.

The domain administrator also has the ability to control web applications that can be installed into the website with a point & click interface. They can also create databases, manage the DNS or Domain Name System, and manage the files on the server.

Of course the account holder also has full access to the domain administrator control panel besides the accounting information.